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Serious advice to quit smoking  ?!!

Serious advice to quit smoking ?!!


Here is a set of tips contained in a booklet issued by the US Department of Health in partnership with the National Cancer Institutes in the United States to abstain from smoking, from which you can choose what suits you, because every person is different from the other in temperament and character.

  In the beginning, you must resolve with the utmost seriousness to quit smoking without trying to think about the difficulties you may face.

.  Before you go to bed every day. Remember all the reasons for which you will quit smoking and repeat each reason to yourself ten times.

.  You must have a personal motivation to quit smoking, along with health and economic motivations, and your commitment to those you love. Think about how you became a slave to a bad habit. What will happen to you when your cigarettes run out in the middle of the night and you put yourself through the trouble of getting out and wasting time to buy another one? Have you become to this degree a prisoner of this habit?

.  Start with yourself a program to monitor your body’s efficiency and your body’s fatigue, such as climbing stairs and walking, and monitor the improvement that will occur to you after quitting smoking. 

At the same time, you must get plenty of rest and sleep, drink a larger amount of fluids, and avoid smoking in the early stages. Physical and mental stress

.  Determine a specific day to stop smoking, let it be February 9, for example, which is World No Tobacco Day. Until this day, you must begin to practice the preliminaries of this abstinence. For example, if you smoke heavily at work, you must begin to quit smoking on your day off or when you return home, and at any time. A way to leave yourself no opportunity to change this day that you have set to abstain from smoking, which you will later celebrate as the day you are freed from the slavery of the cigarette.

 The smoker’s appetite for smoking may be stimulated as a result of hearing the sound of a certain song, seeing a person, or a certain place, or when he smells a certain smell. 

To succeed in quitting smoking, the smoker must identify these things between himself and himself and be prepared to confront them, especially in the first period of quitting. Smoking is the smoker's primary responsibility because no one can determine what arouses a smoker's appetite for smoking except the smoker himself, and it varies from one smoker to another.

.. Be realistic and know that just as quitting smoking is not easy, it is not impossible at all, and know that more than 3 million quit smoking every year.

. Also, let it be known to you that all the symptoms that you may feel as a result of quitting smoking are in fact temporary symptoms that only last during the first week of stopping smoking completely and end by the end of the second week.

. Most cases of failure in quitting smoking occur during the first week when the withdrawal symptoms are at their most severe and the body is still dependent on nicotine. 

Therefore, you must keep in mind that there will be nothing worse than the first week of stopping smoking and that the biggest challenge is  To overcome this week, you must seek help from all those around you, including good friends, children, family, information, and readings, in order to overcome yourself during this week.

 Most other cases of failure occur during the first three months of stopping and often occur after an emotional situation, where the smoker always associates his emotion with the cigarette, thinking that it will calm him down, but this is the mistake itself. This is nothing more than a habit associated with an action such as a reflex reaction. 

Of course, if you finish this, you will break this baseless habit .

 If you have tried to quit smoking previously and failed, do not despair. Most of those who stopped smoking completely had more than one failed attempt until they were able to conquer themselves and quit smoking forever, so try again and you will succeed.

 Bring the cost of what you spent on smoking every day and save it and try to buy something useful with it for your home or for your children that will always remind you of the reward of your victory over yourself. .

..If your brother or friend whom you sit with regularly is a smoker, agree with them that you will abstain from smoking with him at the same time and inform your family and children that you will abstain from smoking on the specified day so that they will be a source of encouragement and assistance to you before, during and after quitting.

 . In the remaining few days, before the appointed day for quitting smoking, try to leave your house without taking your pack of cigarettes, and do not think of it as quitting smoking forever, but think every day that you want to abstain from smoking until the end of this. Today and the next day, like this, until days and months pass one by one. 

A day is a unit of years.

..You must clean your clothes from the smell of smoke that lingers on the clothes for a long time.

.On the day designated for quitting smoking, you must throw away all your remaining cigarettes and matches and hide the ashtrays and lighters in front of you.

And go to the dentist to clean and remove the layer of tartar and stain that smoking leaves on the teeth. Look at the difference between what your teeth were and what they have  become, and try to maintain your new appearance by not returning to smoking again.

.It is useful to keep yourself very busy on the first day of quitting smoking. If there is nothing to occupy you, you should walk or run according to your physical and health ability. Remind your family and friends that this is your day of quitting smoking, and ask them for help and encouragement, especially in the first week of quitting. stop smoking .

You must reward yourself at the end of the day with something you love, and of course the reward is not smoking a cigarette

 After you quit smoking, you must create a clean and pure atmosphere around you and do not allow anyone to smoke in front of you in closed rooms 

You must drink large amounts of fluids, including water and fresh juices, but avoid drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, the drinking of which is usually associated with smoking a cigarette

If you feel that you are missing the cigarette in your hand, then hold something in your hand, such as a pencil or something similar, and if you feel that you are missing the cigarette in your mouth, you should use a cell phone instead of the cigarette

 If you are a smoker while driving the car, you must occupy yourself by listening to something you like on the car radio or cassette player 

If you can travel by public transportation during the first week of stopping, that will be better

 Instead of the habit of smoking immediately after eating, you can brush your teeth after eating or going out for a walk

.And make sure that you are able to resist the temptation of the cigarette in the first weeks of stopping. Avoid social meetings in which smoking is one of the characteristics and avoid meeting your close friends who are trying to tempt you to return to smoking, as they do not want to feel that they are the only ones weak in the face of their desires

 Try to Always sit with non-smokers

 Try to get plenty of sleep and use your hands and mouth in any work in your free time, such as solving crossword puzzles or planting if there are plants in your house, and working a needle for women

 Try to fill your mouth with things that have low calories and are beneficial, such as cucumbers, carrots, and sugar-free gum, so that you do not gain weight after quitting smoking

Do not think for a single moment that one cigarette will not harm you. A cigarette, even if it is one, means your defeat in front of yourself and your acceptance of your failure. It will drag behind its glances and what you say that it is only one cigarette is just a justification in front of yourself in order to justify your defeat

Monitor yourself, your general appearance, and your health condition after several weeks of stopping, and remember and feel the difference between what you relied on and what is,       and celebrate every month the day you abstained from smoking

Finally, we wish you good health

The author of the article had an incident where he abstained from smoking cigarettes when I was young. I loved playing sports. I met a tourist and wanted me to speak languages

 I told him, please, give me a cigarette. Give me one. I drank it and again I wanted to. In college, I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but it changed the taste of the food 

I hated it for this reason, and because I love sports


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