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Recipes for knee and armpit bleaching

Recipes for knee and armpit bleaching

❀ Glycolide Box
❀ a can of glycerin, liquid or cream
Big ❀ملعقة Vazlin
❀ the text of a box of water and roses

🔆 way 👇

💫 all the ingredients on light heat for five minutes and move them on fire until they become a mixture
I let it cool, put it in the fridge and use it the second day once a day, put it in about half an hour....
It is preferable not to wash them because they contain creams and skin that can be absorbed.

📌 tips to get rid of knee stains 👇

◐ daily hydration avoids knees from having spots.
◐ avoid sleeping on elbows.

Drinking water and aromatic drinks ◐ be intensified to keep the skin healthy.

◐ apply moisturizing cream on black spots before bedtime.

◐ keep away from using unknown bleach creams so as not to harm the skin's internal layers.

Glycerin soap ◐ used instead of regular soap.

◐ massage knees and elbows with almond oil daily.

Preferred lotion ◐ be used twice a day.

◐ rubbing knees and attachments by cutting potatoes it acts as a good bleach for dark areas.

Body exfoliation work ◐ once a week with special attention given to the knee area, but without
exaggeration so that the tan of spots does not increase.

Escinol 📌

✨ of its benefits 👇

💫 is used to lighten and clean the human.... like lightening the neck, knee, elbows, legs or hand joints... Very beautiful, but some feel it, I advise them to scare it with rose water ↯ or add a spoon of starch to it 👍
👌 and the second thing you need to wash the area where you cleaned it with water after what you got rid of.

💫 about the experience of... One of the best three types of lemon ↯ is to be stronger and faster than the second two...

💫 and then the papaya...

💫 and the last thing I have to do with the option, I expect it to suit people who are sensitive 👍

❥ note ⇇ I don't recommend using it for the face.

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اسلام ابراهيم

2022-08-07 01:03:24


2022-08-07 06:01:17

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