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Enteric bacteria  is bacteria found in intestine

Enteric bacteria is bacteria found in intestine

What is the bacteria e.coli and who discover it ? Is it useful of harmfull ?

Escherichia coli or coli bacillus (scientific name: Escherichia coli) is one of the most important types of bacteria that live in the intestines of mammals. It was discovered by the scientist Theodore Echirch. It is also known as the germ of the large intestine.
It is gram-negative. It inhabits the large intestine in humans, and about 80% of its structure is composed of aerobic bacteria. Note that anaerobic bacteria predominate in his intestines.
The presence of this bacterium in the surrounding medium indicates fecal contamination, so it is often used as an indicator to indicate water pollution, and to judge whether it is suitable for drinking or not suitable for drinking, from a bacterial point of view, and it must be noted that adding chlorine gas to water eliminates germs coli.
This bacterium may not be pathogenic in its basic medical effects, and it is a source of vitamin K, but many of its strains cause different types of intestinal, urinary and other infections. It may cause diseases such as internal bleeding due to bacillus coli 

What are the causes of infection with e.coli?
Drinking contaminated water✓
Eating raw mea✓.
Eating undercooked foo✓.
Personal contact with the injured✓.

Contaminated and expired food ✓.
Drinking juices or spoiled milk✓.
What are the symptoms of e.coli infection ?
Abdominal pain and severe colic✓.
loss of appetite
Gas in the stomach✓.
severe diarrhoea✓.
Nausea and the desire to vomit✓.
Exit blood with stool and urine✓.
Fatigue and general fatigue✓.
Exposure to dehydration✓.
What are the popular methods of treating e.coli bacteria ?
There is no direct treatment for it, but the treatment is by treating the symptoms, and often the infection can be resisted and needs a number of days until it gets rid of it.
Only you can drink fluids to make up for the deficiency and stop eating until you feel better.
What are the most imprtant caution of Prevention of e.coli .  ?

-General and personal hygiene.
-Eat clean foods of known origin.
-Wash vegetables and fruits well.
-Pay attention to the expiry dates of the products.
-Cook the meat well.
-Wash hands frequently.
-Wash cooking utensils before use.


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