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The importance of women's health

The importance of women's health

Negative effects of lack of awareness about women’s body in Middle East

Family and community health is undoubtedly associated with women’s health. Lack of awareness about women’s health throughout the ages made women can suffers for the rest of their lives or even may lead to death. Some topics about women’s bodies and health are need to be taught in schools and allow women to take responsibility for their health and understand their health options and conditions, a lot of negative and  harmful things will effect women due to lack of awareness about their bodies such as breast cancer, practicing of circumcision and using cesarean section instead of vaginal delivery.

    There are a lot of bad habits in middle East society that lead to lack of awareness about women’s health so they raise have no idea about problems and disease that may affect them. One of those diseases is breast cancer, so without having background informations about this killer disease and how to protect themselves they would suffer for the rest of their lives. Also There are a lot of different types of breast cancer. About 70% of them are so sensitive to certain hormones one of them is estrogen hormone. This hormone is favourable to the receptor sites of cancer cells which promotes cell growth and spread, so due to lack of awareness women may do surgeries to Increase the volume of their breasts but with materials and substances that may cause cancer in future as ostrogen hormone since it stimulate cancer cells. According to Donnelly etal (2020), earlier studies have found a lot of complex Beliefs that influence the health-conscious behavior of Arab women, in order to develop culturally relevant and effective Intervention strategies for treating breast cancer in the Middle East.This points out that we need to better understand our values and attitudes, so obviously women who will rising with lack of awareness and knowledge about their health cannot preventing those diseases and protecting themselves and that will lead to making her unable to be productive in work or effective in raising educated children with enough experience so women should be taught enough to keep their children safe and live a healthier life instead of suffering for the rest of their lives.

Circumcision among females or female genital mutilation (FGM) is a practice where the female genitals are getting cut or injured. It is a very popular practice in places that are in need of awareness and knowledge it is a very wrong practice that effects women for the rest of their lives and in many cases it may lead to death. According to Ali etal(2018), (that in Somalia there were nearly 97% of women had been circumcised) and this is a huge percentage and also this study shows that the more the parents are educated the less probabilities in getting their children circumcised, so education plays an important role in reducing this percentage and make all women felling safe and protected from bad habits of unreliable sources. Imagine being at the age of 10 and your parents that are supposed to be your source of safe, your supporters and your soldiers against the world will get you a surgery for no medical reason and may lead to losing your life. It is a violation of children’s and women’s rights and it is officially unfounded practice there is no religion or medical purpose that orders us to practice this unethical crime.

Caesarean delivery is one of the most important and difficult abdominal surgeries and has more complication. It is a surgical extraction of the newborn through the mother’s abdomen and uterine wall. 
According to Al-Harthi etal(2020), that the abdominal delivery carries risks more than it is in parturition like inflammations, emergencies, removal of the uterus, persistent pain, bleeding, visceral damage, and coronary thrombosis. Not only does abdominal delivery affect the mother, but it also poses a risk to the baby, such as shortness of breath, choking, and other lung diseases.
Only abdominal delivery affects current pregnancies, but at risk of uterine adhesions, intestinal and bladder damage, uterine rupture, abnormal placental formation, placenta previa, placenta accrete, and infertility. The study shows that all women should receive health education and learn the benefits and the defects of the caesarean delivery so that mothers can make the right choices for her health and her baby needs since it feels so bad to do a huge surgery like caesarean delivery with its complications and its serious side effects when it does not needed due to lack of knowledge about the different ways of giving birth and their aftereffect.

To sum up its clearly obvious that the health education is very important for all women to have it is a right and no one should prevent her from getting the informations from reliable sources since women are the basis of the overall health of the family and can also improve the health of children and families by ensuring quality care, in addition to the prophetic saying in Islam “ your body has a right over you”. Also making sure that she is have the full access to health educational services such as in schools or by awareness campaigns and she should be supported in her decisions by giving her the sufficient informations Over the stages of her life from reliable sources and trusted people such as teachers in schools or doctors and doulas in birth processes

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2023-06-07 22:59:59


2023-06-08 10:39:07

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