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Self care and coping strategies

Self care and coping strategies

What is the concept of self care 

Self care is taking care of the most important person in your life

Another definition of self care 

Self care is provided for you,it is about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them 

Why is self care important 

When we add care giving activities , school ,housework, meetings,there is not much time to care of ourselves . This may lead to feeling of strees, anxiety,and feeling worn out and run down .

So, the importance of self care that gives us a balance the stress and activities of daily life with activities that bring a sense of peace and wellbeing to our mind and body.

Ways to practice self care 

Take a bubble bath 

Rest when you are tired 

Cry when you are sad 

Learn to say no

Turn off your phone or take the phone off the hook 

Watch a feel good movie 

Write in a journal 

Go for a walk or a run 

Practice meditation or yoga 

Hug a stuffed animal

Say nice things to yourself 

Learn how to talk about your feelings 

Be angry when you need to be 

Listen to the birds 

Browse your local book store 

Read a book



Eat regularly (breakfast,lunch,dinner) 

Talk to someone who supports you 

Make a new friend


Listen to the rain 

Be honest with yourself and others 

Ask for help when you need it 

Play in water 

Wear your favorite clothes

Look at the stars

Get ( or give yourself) a pedicure or manicure

Pick some flowers for yourself

Learn to listen to your body 

Bake or cook something new 

Write on your sidewalk with chalk

Do something nice for someone else

Listen to music

Dance around your house

Paint a picture

Get your back rubbed

Learn about something new

Turn off your TV 

Listen to the silence inside of you

Take a nap

Get a hug

Spend time with someone who lets you be yourself 

Wrap yourself in a blanket

Help someone who needs help 

Blow bubbles

Sing a song 

Give yourself a big hug 


Coping strategies

What is coping

Coping is how we deal with the ups and downs in our lives ( stress,pain,conflict,change,loss,and trauma)

How do we cope 

How we cope is often learned from family and friends and society 

Types of coping strategies :  coping strategies may be positive or negative 

Positive coping strategies  

Positive coping strategies can help decrease our levels of stress. Using positive and effective strategies can help improve many aspects of our lives,including our health , mental health, self steem and relationships .

Examples of positive coping strategies 

Talking to someone

Positive self talking 

Spending time with loved ones

Writing or journaling



Doing meditation

Seeking counseling

Accessing medical services

Engaging in healthy activities


Negative coping strategies 

Negative coping strategies may provide temporary immediate stress relief, but may increase the levels of stress we experience 

Examples of negative coping strategies 




Over/ under eating 

Hiding or ignoring feelings

Hurting oneself

Self blame

Negative thinking 




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