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Top 10 Ways to Keep Teeth From Caries

Top 10 Ways to Keep Teeth From Caries

Taking care of the mouth and teeth and maintaining their cleanliness is very important to protect the teeth from caries and keep the gums from infections, the dental problems are many and varied that affect the big and small and their causes are many, but the least vulnerable people to dental and gum problems are those who maintain the cleanliness of their teeth by safe medical means with eating healthy foods rich in calcium and minerals, tooth decay is one of the most common problems among people that causes a hole or a very small opening in the teeth causing pain and neglect may expose the molar or The year to wear and breakage, and in our article today we will discuss a very important topic which is how to keep teeth from caries and the most important causes of caries in order to be careful to avoid them completely through the top 10 ways to preserve teeth from caries:

Causes of dental cavities:

  • Lack of interest in brushing teeth after eating or before bedtime.
  • Eat sweets and sugars voraciously.
  • Using toothtools that are not intended for you may carry germs andbacteria to someone.
  • Malnutrition, dry mouth and digestive disorders are among the most common problems that expose teeth to caries.
  • Some diseases may lead to tooth decay such as cancer, colon and stomach diseases.
  • Floating lack of interest in drinking water and calcium-rich elements.
  • Sometimes they may be hereditary.
  • The elderly are mostly exposed to tooth decay by virtue of age.


Ways to keep teeth from caries

10- Visit the dentist periodically

Visiting a dentist without any specific reasons or complaint about the teeth is one of the reasons to keep the teeth from decay or any other problems.

Early detection of teeth can spare you from having many problems that affect your oral and dental health.

You always need advice and evaluation by your dentist to get teeth free of problems, caries and whiteness free of tartar accumulation.

9- Attention to proper nutrition

Attention to proper nutrition is one of the most important methods of preserving teeth from caries and maintaining the cosmetic health of teeth from whitening and preventing the accumulation of tartar.

Leafy vegetables have countless benefits for the body and for dental health because they contain a high content of fiber and water, they are easy to digest and do not accumulate in the mouth or stomach.

Take care to eat foods that contain an abundant percentage of calcium to maintain teeth that are white, strong, durable and non-caries.

Eat healthy foods and stay away from unhealthy foods and drinks.

8- Drink enough water

Drinking enough water on a daily basis helps reduce tooth decay and a very large penny.

In addition to the benefits of water for the body, it helps to get rid of salts and stomach problems that may cause tooth decay.

Drinking water after food also helps to get rid of food residues accumulated between the teeth.

7- Stay away from habits that lead to tooth decay

Many people practice daily wrong habits that may lead to tooth decay, including:

  • Drink cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Drink more unhealthy drinks and juices.
  • Eating too much sugars voraciously, whether a drink or sweets.
  • Do not eat foods that cause heartburn or acidity, as frequent heartburn leads to tooth decay.
  • Do not overdo it with ice cream and ice cream.
  • Plenty of products that contain fluoride, which is a natural mineral that helps prevent tooth decay.

6- Use dental floss

The use of floss is very important to clean the teeth and keep them from caries and from gum infections as well.

Flossing is used only once a day in order to reach places where mouthwash is difficult for the mouthwash brush.

Floss helps to remove food residues stuck in the teeth from above or near the gums which leads to chronic inflammation of the gums and tooth decay if not removed.

Flossing preserves good breath and maintains the cosmetic health of the teeth.

That is, it can be used before bedtime after using the brush and putty.

5- Use mouthwash

Using mouthwash is one of the most important oral and dental health care tools that dentists always recommend.

The lotion balances the mouth, as it reduces the proportion of acid found in the mouth.

Its continuous use also prevents gum infections, relieves gum pain and reduces tooth decay because it penetrates deeply into the mouth with rinsing and removes all food residues and gets rid of any accumulated germs.

It also helps to remineralize the teeth and reduce the appearance of tartar on the teeth from the outside.

4- Cleaning the tongue

Cleaning the tongue is as important as cleaning teeth, and neglecting to clean it is one of the causes of tooth decay.

Through the back of the toothbrush, the tongue must be cleaned because food residues and plaque accumulate in the tongue as well.

Neglecting to clean the tongue is one of the causes of bad breath and one of the causes of tooth decay and gum infections.

3- Use of medical toothpaste

There are many types of toothpaste and different flavors on the market, but you should choose a medical toothpaste that contains all the healthy medicinal ingredients for teeth.

When choosing toothpaste, you should pay attention to choosing a paste that contains fluoride.

This substance is one of the best anti-tooth decay medicinal substances that effectively fights germs accumulated in the teeth from the inside.

2- Use a toothbrush correctly

Choosing a brush is one of the most important means of caring for the health of teeth and gums and avoiding tooth decay or gum pain.

When choosing a toothbrush, whether manual or electric, you should pay attention to the texture of the brush if you have gum inflammation.

Wash teeth from the front and back in circular motions, and gently clean the molars deeply and gently with a brush.

The brush should also be changed approximately every month to maintain the quality of cleaning and prevent the transmission of bacteria.  

1Paying attention to washing teeth dail1.

Washing teeth on a daily basis and not less than twice a day is one of the top 10 best ways to keep teeth from caries.

When eating food or drinks, food residues accumulate in the teeth in the cavities, and here comes the role of washing the teeth with a medical brush and a suitable paste that helps to get these residues out.

The accumulation of food residues in the mouth without removing them leads to:

  • the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the mouth;
  • Caries of teeth and molars.
  • The accumulation of plaque on the teeth and the appearance of unbearable pains.

Removing food residues is important to prevent the formation of germs and bacteria that cause dental problems, including caries.

comments (4)
ahmed aboroub

2022-10-06 15:02:16

Removing food residues is important to prevent the formation of germs and bacteria that cause dental problems, including caries.

محمد سلامة

2022-10-08 19:52:26

Very nice

2022-10-27 18:51:26

Tank you
Habiba salama

2023-01-23 21:54:30

ممتاز استمر
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