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What would happen to your body if you stopped eating sugar for two weeks?

What would happen to your body if you stopped eating sugar for two weeks?

if you really gave up sugar,I mean completely, for two weeks?

what would actually happen to your body?

Number one

 you are gonna lose your appetite to sugar.

Because every time you consume sugar, a hormone comes in there and pushes your blood sugars down, causing a low blood sugar situation,

and that is gonna cause you to crave sugar.

So by getting rid of sugar, you get rid of the craving for sugar.

Number two,

 you're gonna be less hungry.

it's the sugar that keeps you hungry all the time.

When you give up the sugar, you become a lot less hungry.

Because you stabilize your blood sugars and now your cells can be actually fed

because when you're living on sugar

,because sugar is toxic to the body,

the body starts rejecting it.

That's called insulin resistance. So the body is blocking insulin

because that controls sugar and what your body is really trying to do is limit the amount of

sugar inside the cells . So the body doesn't consider it a good thing.

number three.

You can have less fatigue especially after eating a meal.

When you're eating sugar on a regular basis,

usually you're gonna be tired after you eat and that is a blood sugar thing.

But you're gonna find that you're no longer gonna be that tired after you eat.

It just means that now you're no longer having higher sugar,

which basically makes the brain tired.

It's normal sugar, and now your brain can be awake.

number four,

you're gonna lose excessive water and fat.

For the first week you're gonna dump a lot of water and some fat but after that,

it's gonna be more and more fat.

If you reduce the sugar, the stomach shrinks.

If you eat the sugar, your stomach will expand, okay?

Number five

, enhanced mood

So if you were grouchy before,you're now gonna be a lot calmer, less stressed,and you're gonna be actually nice to be around, okay?

Also your cognitive function will improve.

So you're gonna feel more focused.

You can have more concentration.

You'll be less ADD, more attention to focus on your projects

number six, 

your skin is gonna look much better. You're gonna have less acne.

Your skin's gonna glow. And that's just a reflection of what happens.

When you consume sugar, your insulin goes up and also the hormone androgens,

and we're talking about females, androgen will go up and

that's gonna create acne.

In a male body, the increased insulin will lower testosterone.

So you're gonna have other problems that are associated with low testosterone

.number seven,

you have less stiffness. So you're gonna have less inflammation.You're gonna have less pain.

At the cellular level, you're building new enzymes to run your body off fat fuel.

Okay, that's what's happening here.

You have a little machines

that are literally

changing over to a different fuel source.

That's what's happening over these two weeks.

You're getting decrease inflammation in your arteries, okay?

That's what's happening when you get off sugar.


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